The goal of Yadda was to make audio broadcasts (talk radio shows and podcasts) engaging for the audience. Since audio is the primary feature it was paramount to the design to present constant access to the audio controls while maximizing exposure to features that made the user feel engaged with the host and other listeners. For UX research I lead 5 rounds of user testing with both low and high fidelity prototypes across a group of 450 early access users in our 3 target user profiles.

"Honestly I felt comfortable as soon as I opened the app. The interface is really clean and I feel confident with every task - it was intuitive enough that I never even hesitated when trying to navigate through the features. Haha, I think it's easy enough for my parents to use even after a couple glasses of wine - now that's saying something!"

- Brian F.


From a design aspect the goal was to get a functional prototype in the hands of users as fast as possible and then to iterate quickly. Once I established and confirmed the user personas I was able to quickly test some early appumptions based on how people already interact with their audio apps (Spotify, Apple Music, etc). Knowing how users already navigate familiar apps helped to quickly onboard users and guide design of our apps for users to get the most utility from the platform in the least amount of time. Really *feeling* at home is very important to the way I try to design products for users.


The project was a great success and after 5 rounds of revisions users were passing 98+% of usability tests on the first attempt. All stakeholders were thrilled with the result and are now using my work to secure early partnerships with global interactive media companies and pursue further rounds of investment.