The limited-time nature of their brand demanded a simple interface so the goal was 3 clicks or less to check-out at all times. The secondary goal was a loyalty program that increased repeat purchases in the mobile app.

"The design process with Griff was not only productive, it was a lot of fun. We had an idea of what we wanted and he ended up improving it way beyond our expectations. I never wanted this project to end, and our users rave about the new version of our app. We are so happy!"

Christian P, Holy Chic


Focused on fashion we wanted to remove any barriers or confusion with the new custom interface. Big visuals, bright product shots, and timely offers to create a sense of urgency were our highest priorities.


Holy Chic saw over a 300% increase in loyalty program participation from their exisiting user base and over 25% higher conversions on repeat purchases with new user signups.