The main goal was to create a tool that has highly daily engagement. Contractors and builders needed to be more informed on the projects that they were bidding on, so a focus on location based information and actionable project insights were the main focus of the design and build.

"The prototype that was part of the design process helped us to showcase the concept to users and test our assumptions in a really fast manner. We were able to get really good feedback and emphasize parts of the app that we hadn't realized were so important to our users. I can't say enough about how important the prototype and design process really helped shape our final product."


Because the target user base had such a wide age range we really emphasized getting a quick prototype in their hands to test usability. User research played a big role in an intuitive, straight to the point interface design that would keep users engaged and using the app as a daily tool.


The app incorporates a location focused design that is quickly able to scale across all 50 states in the US and present granular search results to contractors in their local areas. It also allows contractors and builders to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of their work prospects within their local community and network.